Firmware Update Fail

I have entered DFU mode, but the software failed to fetch firmware information from server.
How do download local firmware file? Can’t find it anywhere on the website.

If you are using Bridge software v2023.1.3 or newer, you can follow the steps below to manually flash the firmware:

  1. Put the device in DFU mode How-to: Enter DFU mode.
  2. Open the Bridge software and enter the “FIRMWARE UPDATE” page.
  3. Select your DFU device in the left device list.
  4. Download the firmware .bin file for your device from the link in the table below, making sure the hardware version matches your device.
  5. Double-click the “Firmware File” text (not the file name below) on the right.
  6. Will pop up a “Select firmware file” dialog, then select the firmware .bin file you just downloaded.
  7. After the firmware file is selected, “Local firmware file selected” will appear under “Latest Firmware From Server”.
  8. Click “Start Flash”.
  9. Click “Yes”.
Device Hardware version Link
CS 737X CDU Hardware v2 CS 737X CDU v1.5.5
Hardware v3 CS 737X CDU v3.0.2
CS 737X EFIS All CS 737X EFIS v1.0.2
CS 737X MCP All CS 737X MCP v1.0.2
CS 320N FCU-L/R All CS 320N FCU-L/R v2.0.2
CS 320N FCU-C All CS 320N FCU-C v2.0.2
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Thank you for replying, when will you release an update to support the PMDG 737-900?
Thanks again.

We have supported PMDG 737-900.

I have the same problem. I followed the steps, the flash runs, rebooting device, but just goes back to 888 across the board help

so same thing. I’m getting the failed to download firmware online message. The table above does not let me download version 1.5.5 which the bridge software is telling me is the latest. I’m on 1.5.4. Where can I download 1.5.5?

wondering if somebody could answer this? thanks

I’d check your anti virus or anti malware software to see if it is blocking access to the servers as I have just downloaded the above 1.5.5 firnware without issue from the link above. I cant test that it works on my CDU as it is v3 hardware.

We have fixed a server configuration issue for the v1.5.5 CDU firmware. You can now update the CDU firmware in the Bridge software without any problems.