737 mcp/cdu compatibility with PMDG 777

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since the pmdg 777 is releasing next week for msfs, i was wondering if the 737 cdu and mcp/efis will be supported for the 777 out of the box with the bridge software?

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They said earlier that they will need about a week to make the bridge software compatible.

We have Added PMDG 777 for MSFS support for CS 737X / 747X / 777X series devices, please log onto our official website to download the latest bridge software.

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thank you so much! working indeed, just the display of the cdu and the displays on the mcp are not working, i guess i need to change something in the 777 folder?

You probably need to restart the simulator as the CS software needs to enable the 777 SDK and install a package in the Community folder. If the sim is running when this happens it wont start until the sim is relaunched. The displays are working fine for me on the 737 CDU and the MCP.

Great!!! Thx!!



I have the latest bridge, restarted MSFS, but Still nothing. The screen on my CDU is showing but non of the buttons work. It also says in the bridge that the detected Aircraft is sleeping. See screenshot.


May I ask if you have installed PMDG 737 for MSFS, and if 737 can be used normally? Also, please enter device test to test if the buttons are working properly?

Yes after this test it also didn’t work with 737.
Unplugging and reconecting the device solved it. Silly me.