737 mcp green indicator bars brightness

good evening dear people of CockpitSimulator,
today my mcp and efis have been delivered and i love them!
congratulations on these products and i can not wait for what you will develop in the future!

one question, the green indicator bars on the buttons (LVL CHG, HDG SEL, etc.) aren’t too bright when at maximum brightness, in sim the light toggle is set to bright, they are dimmed when using the dim toggle, together with the digits. Is there any way to make them a bit brighter?

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I am having same problem. The green lights are barely visible when panel is illuminated.

Maybe the green light is slightly dimmed now. When we first tested the product, we found that the light was too bright, so we replaced the current light.

Yes, the green indicator lights are definatley way to dark. In a room with daylight they are not or just barely visible. On the real MCP they should be perfectly visible even when the sun shines into the cockpit.

Is there any way to tune this via a future firmware update or did you use other LEDs which have a lower maximum brightness?

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Currently there is no solution. We will consider upgrading it in subsequent products.

What will be a solution for us then? Because multiple people are saying the lights are way too much dimmed. Will this be a firmware fix or can we get a replacement of the new modules with fixed lighting?

It’s a great product, but this annoys me when flying.

Hoping to see a proper solution!

Kind regards

I just got my MCP this weekend and was afraid that the green indicator brightness would really bug me. Fortunately it is not THAT bad. Of course it would be gerat if the green indicator would be a tad brighter, but it is not totally unacceptable because at least in my lighting environment I can clearly identify the activated modes (and you’re supposed to check in the PFD anyway :slight_smile: )

Yes it is dependent on lighting conditions. During daytime it is not that much of an issue. Issue is most serious during evenings and nighttime when there is no sunlight and you have lights on in the room. For the price tag of the product this is unacceptable flaw. I am also interested in what kind of solution will they be able to provide.

I just received my unit this afternoon and right away noticed the issue. As of now I am using it in daylight conditions and I can NOT see what modes are active or not. The check of the PFD to the MCP is a cross check. This needs to be resolved, this is an expensive peripheral and should function to the specification it is advertised as and marketed (the photo on the website makes the button lights very clear which is not the actual experience). Looking for a solution or replacement soon.

I would recommend a replacement LED light kit and instructions on how to replace them if possible. I’m no electrical engineer, but as flight simmers we should all be fairly handy and able to follow a set of instructions and use simple hand tools. My MCP will arrive next Monday, so I don’t know how bad the issue is, but I will definitely follow up here and let everyone know.

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I realized that the dim problem is only with xplane 12, in the past I used it on xplane 11 and no issue now with xplane 12 at night only its almost invisible hope to get sorted out soon, it is not a hardware issue definitly something changed in xp12 that it is dimming the light maybe it has got to be related to the new light reflections on xp12

Thank you

I too think they are too dim