A320 products with Fenix

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I was wondering if and when the Airbus products will be compatible with the Fenix aircrafts.

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We currently do not support the Fenix A320. Although technical support for the Fenix A320 is completely feasible, there are still issues with official software licensing. We are also working hard in this issue and believe that satisfactory results will be achieved in the near future. Please pay attention to the relevant information on our official website.

Was it related to the input.events.txt or to your wasm Module?
The Textfile could be easily edited, if you know the LVar Names, while the wasm Module is compiled and can not be edited. Why did you compile it and deny the User to edit it for adapting other Planes to the Hardware?

Not only inputs to aircraft but also outputs from aircraft that are fixed in the module; Inputs are simple calculator code, but outputs were more complicated.
If you want more customization, you can try our partner SPAD.next, they will support our 320N series products soon.

We have good news that our A320 series products have officially supported Fenix from now on! Please log on our official website to check the latest information on CS 320N FCU-C and L/R.

Thanks for the Infos.
I am a Programmer and have much experience in Coding.
And of course, i quit editing if the Code was to complex to understand. But due to the Compilation of the Module, i haven’t a Chance to see, if i can understand and edit the Code.

How about the Integration of IniBuilds A300-600RF? Do you have Plans, to integrate it?
Also the same Question regarding the upcoming A330 from Aerosoft?

We currently do not have plans to support IniBuilds A300-600RF.

Regarding the upcoming Aerosoft A330, I think you’ll notice that our new A320 series products is actually a co-branded product between CS and Aerosoft. We have a very close working relationship with Aerosoft and we certainly support it.

This are good and bad News.
Good regarding the Aerosoft Bus.
Bad regarding the A300-600RF.

Why don’t you offer an uncompiled Version of the wasm Module to your Customers, so that they can try to implement Aircraft on their own Risk?

Regarding the A300-600RF, Please try spad.next for now.