AT arm switch doesnt work

I got 737 MCP this afternoon and I tried MCP with XP12 and MSFS
I loaded zibo mode and PMDG737 and I tested it.
but AT arm switch doesnt Arm. It seems to be unlock with all situation.
and I ran device test othe switches and buttons work correctly but AT arm swith doesnt move in
devics test scrren.
DO you have any solution with this?

Could you please record a video of testing and game operation of the AT arm switch, and send it to us [email protected] . We will analyse and determine the problem through videos. Thank you!

I Sent the video to the E-mail you mentioned.
Thank you.

Received your video and forwarded it to the R&D department. Thank you!

Please try bridge software v2023.1.8, you can download it from our official website.