AT Arm switch with PMDG 777

I’ve been using the MCP and EFIS with MSFS and the 737 and it works great. I also use P3D5 and the pmdg 777 as well. I noticed that the AT Arm switch doesn’t behave like the 737. If I come to arm it there is a lot resistance to arm it. And when I disarm the AT inside the simulator it doesn’t release the AT switch like in the 737. Will it damage the AT arm switch if I push it down in the disarmed mode without it releasing by itself.


On aircraft other than the 737, the A/T solenoid remains energised and there is a lot of resistance when toggling, manually toggle in both directions (ARM → OFF, OFF → ARM) is safe and will not damage the hardware.
The A/T switch state not being synchronised problem on aircraft models other than the 737 will be fixed in the next version of the Bridge software.

Also, some tips for models other than the 737:

747 & 777

HDG SEL button
  • Press and release within 1 second: push SEL knob
  • Press for more than 1 second: push HOLD button


  • Simultaneously press then release: push CMD C button


  • CWS A: push HDG/TRK button
  • CWS B: push VS/FPA button