Bridge software not recognizing CDU


I just installed directly from your home page the cockpit simulator app exe, when opening for the firsst time it told me it was unsafe, but I opened it anyway. But it doesn’t see the CDU. I browsed the forum and found a download link, but when unzipping the folder I get the message: Error 0x80004005: unspecified error, on the file CockpitSimulator.bridge.x64

I am running windows 11

Looking forward to resolve this


I get this also with the MCP

  1. After inserting the USB into the computer, what is the status of the MCP? Please take a photo or record a video and send it to us;

  2. Use this UsbTreeview software, insert the MCP USB into the computer, take a screenshot of the displayed content on the software, and send it to us.

Can confirm plugging into the computer directly instead of a USB hub connected things successfully.

The main reason for this situation may be the HUB. If possible, try a different HUB.