Bug: PMDG 737-700 Options.ini reset by Bridge Version: v2023.1.3

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I found a bug with the bridge software while using the MCP with 1 EFIS installed that causes the Capt and FO Altimeters to throw an alert message: “ALT Disagree”

Bridge Version: v2023.1.3 resets the PMDG 737-700 737_Options.ini Sync Altimeter and Sync Minimums from = 1 to = 0 when launching Bridge software.

[737_Options.ini before launching Bridge software]

[737_Options.ini after launching Bridge software]

\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\pmdg-aircraft-737\work\737_Options.ini

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Problem confirmed. Will be fixed in the next version of Bridge software.

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Fantastic! Thanks so much for the quick response!

I also noticed this annoying bug. Any timeframe when this will be fixed with a subsequent update?

You can try this pre-release version. If there are no other problems, these changes will be merged into the main release.
Our software developer went on vacation and this pre-release is what he left behind.


Unzip and run CockpitSimulator.exe, do not delete any files after unzipping.

The support update for this issue is really too slow, and the official update has not been pushed for more than a month. I can only try the pre release version first. I hope everything goes smoothly

Can confirm that this version fixes this bug (at least for me).

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I get errors when trying to unzip it (both with Windows and Izarc)

Will you be releasing the Bridge update soon? (almost 3 months since you aknowledged the issue)

I can’t use your archive, I have to enable the PMDG baro and minimums sync for each session, very annoying.

Please download this version of the software https://www.cockpit-simulator.com/firmwares/CockpitSimulator%20v2023.1.3.zip
Please note, run CS directly, do not delete any files after unzipping.

Can’t extract it (W10 64 bits)


I had to download winzip and it worked.