CDU Keeps Reconnecting


Recently I’ve run in to an issue where the CDU keeps disconnecting and reconnecting. I thought this originall was a spad issue as thats how I was using it but I noticed using the stock software it would keep changing to no devices connected and then back again to connected. When its connected it works fine otherwise. Any ideas what this might be? Havent had any issues for about the year I’ve owned it. On firmware 3.02a.


Please try running only the bridge without running the game. Will there be a disconnection between the CDU and the computer?

Sorry for the delay as this was a weird one. After all the troubleshooting Im not sure where things change. At some point the CDU stopped restarting with the stock software, but seemed to continue to do so in SPAD. I tried a different snippet which changed things slightly, When spad would start, the CDU would restart, however I could click reconnect and it would work just fine. However today I noticed the issue came back, and seemed to interfere off the other devices on the powered hub, causing my streamdeck to reboot when the CDU would connect. I decided to connect a 12v 2a adapter (the CS site says 9-24v 2a) and all the issues cleared. I can start spad which connects to the CDU on startup with no issues now.

Thinking back I believe the issues only started after flashing the firmware although I cant remember what this shipped with now (2.x I believe). Could upgraded firmware require more power draw?

The power consumption of CDU will not increase after upgrading the firmware. Moreover, the new version of Bridge software has adjusted the default brightness of the CDU, which will actually reduce the power consumption.

Connecting multiple peripherals to a computer or HUB can lead to system instability. The maximum output power of a computer or HUB is fixed. When multiple peripherals are connected, there may be a situation where the maximum output power of all peripherals is greater than the maximum output power of the computer or HUB, which can cause some peripherals to disconnect or reboot. This problem can generally be solved by replacing a more powerful HUB or equipping some peripherals with additional power supply.

I’ve tried direct to the PC and seen the same symptoms as well. Now that Ive gotten the chance to use the CDU more with the power connected, it connects just fine but after a short while it seems to restart on its own. Is there a way I can try downgrading the firmware to see if there’s any difference?

Edit Update: so messing with this more it looks like it only constantly disconnects via spad. Using the bridge software the CDU stayed up for the hour long flight. Ill have to put a ticket in with the spad dev.

Based on your description of the problem, I feel that it may be related to software compatibility. I suggest you try other addons to test if the CDU can work properly under other addons.