CDU key press issue

hi there. this is my first post, so i´m sorry if i am posting it in the wrong place.

a few months ago a bought the CS 737X CDU, and it works perfectly. expect for the fact that some keys i have to press way harder to make then work, and other keys if i press really gentle it´s fine.
i can say that 40% of the key pad i have to press harder for the keys to work.

any ideas? suggestions ?

antonio carvalho - brazil

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In order to prevent accidental touching of keys and avoid unintentional repeated pressing of keys, our CDU keys are set with a certain value of key force at the factory. Only key actions that reach a certain force can be confirmed as effective key actions. But this type of key force is smaller than that of a real aircraft CDU, and operating a real aircraft CDU requires greater key force(to press the key harder).The force required when pressing the key may vary slightly between different keys, but this will not affect the normal use of our devices.

Hi Antonio,

i also find the keys not being consistant. For me some keys like for example LSK6 & EXEC don´t work like other keys. Sometimes I have to press them 2-3 times very hard until the CDU responds and sometimes they work without any problems.


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Same issue here on the 737 CDU CS hardware (working with PMDG on MSFS). Key presses are not consistent nor entirely reliable. Its not clear to me if its a Bridge software issue or the actual keyboard. Some keys need pressing more than once, some harder than others, but which ones are playing up can change too.

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