CockpitSimulator Bridge software unable to identify X-Plane 12 aircraft


I have got the CS 737X MCP and the CS 737X EFIS panels but I found that X-Plane12 do not see both panel as a USB connected joystick device which mean I can not configure it in X-Plane’s ‘Settings → Joystick’ menu. Does that means I can only use the CockpitSimulator Bridge software to connect my panels and X-Plane?

I also downloaded the latest version of the CockpitSimulator Bridge software. But the software is unable to detect the aircraft model(Boeing 737-800) loaded in X-Plane12, and all the knobs, button and display is not working. Does this happen to anybody else? Does anyone know how to fix this?


  1. MCP and EFIS are not standard joystick or game-pad devices so only Bridge software connection is supported

  2. default Boeing 737-800 is not supported , check our website for supported addons CS 737X MCP - Cockpit Simulator