CS 737X MCP not working in MSFS with PMDG 737-700

Hi, I just received the MCP from Cockpitmaster (Amazon) today and installed (ran) the Bridge software version 2024.4.4 The software recognizes the MCP but says detected platform is FSX when I’m running MSFS 2020 and Detected aircraft = N/A when the PMDG 737-700 is up and running in MSFS. The displays on the MCP are all 0000, etc. and don’t do anything when knobs are turned, buttons pressed, etc. The Bridge software says there’s a firmware update available but I haven’t done that yet. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

*** Disregard, restarted computer and updated MCP firmware and now everything seems to be working.***

If you encounter any other problems during use, feel free to raise them and we are happy to serve you.

Thanks for the reply. From what I can tell so far the design and quality of the MCP is surpurb.

Thank you very much for your recognition of our product.

My pleasure. Quick question, the Bridge software most often detects FSX which I do have installed but don’t use much anymore. How can I get the Bridge software to only detect MSFS and ignore FSX unless I actually load FSX? Thanks!

Simulator detection is based on the system process list, if there is a ‘fsx.exe’ in your running process list, the detected simulator will be FSX, and if there is a ‘flishtsimulator.exe’, the detected simulator will be MSFS.

Got it. I’m still using some GoFlight modules and their GFDevFSX.exe (FSX-to-module data bridge) to support them. If I start that before CockpitSimulator Bridge, it sees FSX.exe portion of GFDevFSX.exe and assumes FSX is running. Okay, now I know to start the GoFlight Bridge after CockpitSimulator detects MSFS running and all should be good. Thanks.

Hi, loving the MCP! Is there any manual for the MCP? I’ve tried internet search but there are many versions even if searching specifically for Boeing 737 MCP or Mode Control Panel in order to learn the button functions. There are a couple of buttons/annunciators I’m not familiar with yet. C/O button, LVL Change, SPD INTV button, ALT INTV button, and CWS. Also, what is the round indicator to the right of the ALT INTV? Thanks again.

The round indicator is the Ambient Light Sensor.