CS 737X SERIES + Prepar3D Issue/Question

Hi Guysm,

Hoping for some help/assistance on this.

I have a 737X CDU, and I am running the Bridge Software.

I am also running Prosim…but not sure if the CDU is compatable with it?

The issues in short are:

Issue 1
When running the PMDG 737 on Prepar3D, I am getting a black CDU and nothing happens. However, when running the Cockpit Bridge, it says that it can “see” the aircraft under the ‘Simulation Aircraft’ part.

Issue 2
When running the Prosim 737 model, I am getting also a black CDU. However with this aircraft model I am seeing “N/A” under ‘Simulation Airfraft’

When I try and run a test via Cockpit Bridge the CDU sort of works, I select P3D on the CDU - but then it says “no simulator installed” which can’t be correct, as Cockpit Bridge clearly sees it?

Any advice/help would be most welcome - as I am stumped!


Issue 1:

  1. Open the Bridge software v2024.1.0, right click on the Cockpit Simulator logo in the upper left corner and then select About from the popup menu.

  2. What is listed in the “Detected simulator installations” and “Detected aircraft installations” sections?

  3. Try to edit the PMDG options ini file manually. First open the file “Prepar3D installation directory\PMDG\PMDG 737 NGXu\737NGXu_Options.ini” if you are flying PMDG 737NGXu or “Prepar3D installation directory\PMDG\PMDG 737 NGX\737NGX_Options.ini” if you are flying PMDG 737NGX and check if the following configuration properties are present:

Issue 2:
Currently, our 737X CDU does not support Prosim.

Thanks for this.

I’ve looked and have the issue as per the screenshot when starting Cockpit Bridge.

Oddly, in the file structure, the folders are marked as Read Only, which I am guessing is the issue? However, even if I untick that Windows still then restores to that.

Any tips on what to do here?


Try use a system account with administrator privileges.