"Dummy" EFIS modules?

I’m about to order the MCP, 1 EFIS, and the desk stand. I don’t really have a use for a first officer EFIS, but it wouldn’t be nice to have the hole filled in the desktop stand. It would be great if CS created a dummy EFIS that didn’t work simply for filling the extra hole if you’re only using 1 EFIS.

Thoughts? Or does some other company make something like this?

Thank you suggestion.
You can print a sticker.

That’s true, I’d love 3D knobs but this could be a bandaid in the meantime :slight_smile:

Of course, if it is a 3D knob, it will feel better. Your suggestion is very good, we may be able to design a 3D cover.

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That would be so great! I’d love to afford a 2nd EFIS, but since it would be just for show, I can’t justify the $$$ :slight_smile:

That is a very good idea!

Did the dummy 3D EFIS cover ever become reality? I too have purchased the MCP 1 EFIS and the desk stand and also have no use for a fully functional first officer EFIS. Is that a product that can be purchased? Or is the sticker still the best current solution short of buying another EFIS?

In the short term, if you don’t need to buy a second EFIS, a sticker might be the best solution. We have planned to make a cover that fits EFIS, but the biggest problem with it is that the shipping cost will be much higher than the value of the product itself.

That’s what I’ve done. But honestly, I don’t think anyone would care how much the shipping would add to the price. The total cost would still be much less than a fully functioning EFIS.