EFUIS Left and Right

I received the MCP and two EFIS. However, both EFIS reflet Left side do not coincide with the correct Capy and FO sides. Can someone advise how to get both working to coincide with the right and left side.

Thanks for your help!

There is a CAPT<>FO switch on the rear of the EFIS panel itself you will need to flip this switch with a toothpick or similar as it is impossible to reach with your fingers.

I just received both EFIS today and I switched one to CAPT and one to F/O. However, if they are not both in sync (both EFIS to map, etc.) I get a clicking sound of back and forth. On the cockpit bridge software, they are both showing as left EFIS. I’m sure it’s something easy to fix. Any ideas? Thanks

Please try turning the CAPT <—> F/O switch again.