Feedback regarding the purchase

I purchased the MCP and EFIS in mid-April 2023.
Both products are robust and well finished.
EFIS: Product works perfectly so far, precise buttons, perfect lighting, 100% product.
MCP: Working 100% so far, very well finished product, working 100% so far.
Two reservations I have about the mcp: the hdg button when turning is a little hard when turning, it is not the same as the altitude and course buttons which are easier when turning.
As for the green lighting on the mcp buttons, they are not very bright, the developer said they already have the new version with brighter lights.
I would like to exchange for the brighter model, but so far I have not received a response from the manufacturer, if possible, please return to my email
Apart from these two reservations, the product meets what is proposed, a functional and quality product, I recommend the purchase.