Fenix CDU MCDU Display

Hi. Will the CDU ever support the Fenix MCDU like the FBW A320 does in that it will display the MCDU data? I know it’s a Boeing CDU etc?

We currently have no plans to have the B737 CDU support A320, but we will soon launch MCDU for A320. Additionally, you can also try using third-party software such as SPAD to implement your ideas.

Ok. Thanks. Will the new MCDU support Fenix in that it will be able to display the data nativley like the CDU does with PMDG?

If so I will be buying it day one.

Our new A320 MCDU will support Fenix just like our A320 FCU.

Great stuff. I can’t wait to get that. Thanks for the reply.

That’s great news. Already went the minifcu way regarding the FCU (because I’m impatient) but I really definitely get a A320 MCDU!!

Thank you! Our A320 MCDU is indeed a product worth looking forward to.

Spad has the CS737 CDU working with the Fenix A320 in their latest beta release, I’m testing it now.

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Yep. I’m SimDeck from the Discord CS-CDU channel. it works so well.

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Where do I find the snippet in Spad.next? I can´t find it in the snippet download section of spad.next.

Thx in advance.

Please seek help from the Discord server in SPAD.neXt.

Snippet ID# 11039 is what you are looking for, we discuss further on the Spad Discord if you need further assistance. Discord