If you are on the fence about the products, read this

I own everything on the shop page as of this date. CDU-EFIS-MCP-Stand

-*** I have tested and use it on MSFS2020 and P3Dv5***

  • MSFS PMDG 737/600/700/800.
  • P3Dv5 PMDG 737NGX/NGXu 737/600/700/800/900, 777/200/300, 747/400/800
    -Airbus parts are being made by the company so that’s good for Airbus users.


  • I’ve had it for a little over a year and it works great, no issues, no overheating just magnificent. It was well packaged, professional and very protected. I see some people complaining that the buttons would get stuck and sometimes when you pressed a button or number it would double it. Yes, that did happen for about a week and a half. It was rare and not frequent. After about a week and a half it went away. It had to be broken into. It was brand new. Just like when you buy a pair of boot or shoes, you got to break them in by walking in them and using them etc. it’s expected and it wasn’t an issue. There is no delay or lag when you press the buttons. It’s in real time and very responsive. It’s a scale 1:1 so it’s real nice. It doesn’t take a lot of space and you can elevate it or lower it on the desktop stand to your liking. The buttons feel nice and overall, it’s not cheaply made. It doesn’t weigh a lot, it’s very light. It holds up to its price and immersion. You won’t be disappointed. The lighting is real nice if your doing night ops and even if your not it looks great. It can be adjusted by the CDU itself or in the bridge software. I never give anything 10/10 since it’s unrealistic but I give 9/10. I don’t fly without it.


  • It’s a 1:1 scale so it’s not that big but very light and does not take up any space really. For the EFIS and the MCP, I would highly recommend getting the stand but we’ll talk more about that later. The knobs and buttons feel very good and when turning them, they have resistance but not too much as to make it off putting, it just feels right. Every knob, button, setting can be used just like the real plane and in the sim. There is no delay either. It’s highly responsive and in real time. The lighting on it is also very nice. The adjustment can be made only in the bridge software or in sim on the aircraft panel lighting knob. Unlike the CDU, I did not have any issues with buttons getting a bit stuck. The buttons feel real nice and again, real time response with no lag. It has screw holes on the side of should you choose to screw and mount it on something else, the option is there which was nice. It was well packaged and professional, very protected and it looks like the company takes great pride in their products which is very good. I only own 1 EFIS which is all I need and in the back you can set a button for Captain side or First Officer side, the choice is yours and interchangeable. Is it worth the price? In my opinion, yes. Very immersive and so fun to use. It comes with a strong, sturdy USB 2.0 type A to C cable, one SIX PACKS proprietary port and two Daisy chain all capable of a being used and integrated for a full home cockpit set up for those of you blessed with being able to do so. Is it worth the money? In my opinion yes. Sturdy, not cheaply built or made. There was ingenuity and engineering that went into all these products and it shows from the packaging, the way it looks and feels and how it performs in sim. 9/10, won’t fly without it.


  • 1:1 scale of the Boeing MCP. It’s long and of course heavier than the rest of the products but it’s still very light. The detail that went into this is very appreciated and immersive. The buttons light up when they are suppose to, knobs turn with no issues but have some resistance just like the real life MCP. The auto throttle switch has the effect like in real life where there is significant resistance as to not switch it off by accident. At first it felt like I may break it it but you won’t. It’s intended and built like that for the immersion. There is no delay and in real time responsiveness. Lighting can be adjusted again from in sim or the bridge software. There is one gripe that I have an it’s more of a personal preference but it’s not a deal breaker at all. I wished there was a Honeywell option lol. Regardless, it’s very well made, very well crafted and molded and it doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy. It has screw holes on the side should you choose to screw it and mount it on something. It comes with ability to have an external,power source should you choose 9v to 24v, two daisy chain ports and is USB 2.0 -C at full speed. The numbers are fluid and bright. Looks great in day lighting and awesome in night ops. The auto pilot disengage lever feels right as with every knob, switch, lever and button. You can’t beat the price on this. Great value and bang for your buck. Is it worth it, you guessed it! Every dime. 9/10 I definitely won’t fly without this.

The Stand

  • So, you can only buy the stand if you purchase either the MCP or the EFIS and I see why they did that. It’s like a glove fits a hand. A shoe fits a foot. Peas in a pod. You get the picture? The stand was contoured, molded and tailored for these specific EFIS and MCP. They fit right in, perfect. It’s strong, it’s got a nice finish to it and it looks proper and elegant. Fits right on a desk top. Below it, it has an opening where you can insert printed out laminated checklists for your aircraft, real nice addition. It holds everything in place and looks great. It isn’t heavy but it isn’t too light. The price is a little steep but it compliments the other components very well. Can you do without it? You could as the EFIS and the MCP have holes where you can screw and mount it elsewhere but why would you when the stand can do it real nice and it looks clean and immersive having it on your desktop? I can see if your building a full or partial scale home cockpit but other than that, it goes so well. 9/10 I could fly without it but it wouldn’t look right or feel right. My opinion, just get it. You won’t regret it. I may just get the FO EFIS so it’s complete but it doesn’t look bad at all without it. Just a personal preference.


  • I understand that it may not be feasible able to get all these components all at once and one at a time. I’m blessed and have the means and was able to get the CDU a year ago and the EFIS, MCP and stand were not available then. I have had the EFIS, stand and MCP going on a month. They were shipped fast minus the MCP. I ordered during a Chinese holiday and it disrupted delivery. I live in Texas and their warehouse in California had run out of stock. I should have ordered it when I said I was because the next day when I did, they had already run out. California distribution warehouse delivers to North American orders . I got my EFIS/Stand within 2 days, fast delivery by UPS. The MCP I got about 12 days later but I knew why. The bridge software is so easy to use, literally plug and sim. It took about 5 minutes to download, update the products . I’m very happy with it and my flight simulation has never been more immersive and such a joy and treat to fly. You can use all these products with

  • MSFS 2020

  • P3D versions 1-5

  • X-plane 11 and X-plane 12

  • PMDG 737/600/700/800/( I don’t own the 900 yet but I’m pretty sure it’s already compatible or in the works soon) -MSFS2020

  • PMDG NGX/NGXu 737/600/700/800/900, 777/200/300, 747/400/800, ifly Jets 737NG- P3D Versions 1-5

  • B737-800X ZIBO mod, Threshold LevelUp 737NG, IXEG 737 Classic-X-plane 11 X-plane 12

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I am very glad that our products can satisfy you. It can be seen that you have done very detailed testing. I am very grateful for that. I have always hoped to be recognized by users, but I also hope to get the real opinions of users. This helps us improve our products.
Probably our biggest issue right now is the timeliness of our shipments. But this problem does not happen often in North America, because we have set up warehouses in the United States.
We are currently doing our best to resolve this issue in Europe. Obviously, there must be a time limit for shipping directly from a factory in China to European customers.
In any case we hope that we can meet our customers’ demands to the greatest extent.

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After ordering directly from this site and testing the products I totally agree with what @rockyjet911 wrote about these products. They are fantastic indeed.

On my end I do not have any button problems with the CDU at all. With the MCP I noticed that the heading rotary encoder has quite a bite more resistance than the other rotary encoders (e.g. course, altitude, etc.). Maybe it needs a bit breaking in.

I can also fully recommend ordering via the site. It is a bit cheaper than most resellers and the delivery (in Germany) happened within 14 days after placing the order. The logistics services used took care of all things like VAT, tariffs, etc. and it was delivered to my house like a domestic parcel which is great (I had very different experiences in the past when ordering from China).

After all, I can highly recommend all products.

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I am glad that our products can satisfy you.
Regarding logistics, I still have to explain. We hope that our customers can receive the products they ordered very smoothly, without the trouble of customs duties. For this we work with multiple freight forwarders, whom we ask to handle all import duty issues. This works most of the time. However, customers from certain countries will still encounter tariff issues, because the customs laws of each country are different. Once a customer is required to pay tax by their customs, we will also compensate them with the customer’s tax payment certificate.

Thanks for this! I just ordered the MCP/EFIS and stand this past weekend. I’m super excited to receive them and pair them with the amazing CDU I already own.

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I received my MCP/EFIS and stand yesterday and I can 100% agree with this post now. If you are on the fence or stuck on deciding which manufacturer you want to purchase these items from, stop thinking about it and buy the gear from here!

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