Interest in your new products

I already have your CDU for 737 and I’m happy not 100% because the material for the keys is not the best one and sometimes need to be pressed several times to get the result, but it is ok.
The question now is that I would like to know where to buy your products in Europe. I bought my CDU from Aerosoft but maybe you have some distributor in Spain?
My interest is in MCP + one EFIS + stand
Thank you for your answer
Juan Carlos

Regarding the CDU problem you mentioned, we suggest you consult Aerosoft, our agents have their own after-sales terms.
New products will be available on Aerosoft soon.

Enhancement for the 737 CDU: make it work with the X-Plane add-on WebFMC.

  • use of the hardware knobs to interact with WebFMC
  • show the content of WebFMC-display on the cdu display

Advantage: the Cockpit Master CDU can be used with a broad variety of airplanes. Of course, for the WebFMC planes the cdu simulation is probably less exact but this is made up by the ability to use many other aircrafts with the hardware.

We are currently only developing support for addon aircraft. Regarding your suggestion, I think our partners may do better. You can get support for more plugins through the spad.nex software.