Newest Bridge with MCP crashes XP12+Zibo while spawning

I have the CDU, EFIS and the MCP. It seems that the newest version of the Bridge causes XP12 to crash without any trace in the XP logs. I narrowed it down to the MCP. The EFIS + CDU works fine. This behavior was confirmed by another MCP user as well.

The crash/freeze happens immediately after spawning with the Zibo.

I’m using:

  • The latest XP12 Beta
  • The latest Zibo (same thing with both EA 6_17 and 4_00_rc2_0_full).
  • The latest firmware for all three devices.

We’ll check this out.

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You can try out this v2023.1.5 version of the Bridge software at the link below.

Unzip and run CockpitSimulator.exe.
Make sure not to delete any files after unzipping.

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This is working for me now, curvball and I had been testing things over on the Spad Discord server and I too had the same issue previously to this version listed above. Thanks for the quick update.