Plans for a 777 MCP

I just discovered that You announced the coming out of the 777 CDU.

I am wondering whether You are working on a 777 MCP as well… If yes, maybe You could provide a rough estimate on its release…



The 777 CDU is under development and will be released soon. 777 MCP is a planned product, and there is no exact timetable at present. But I believe it will also be worth looking forward to.

Thanks for Your reply.

I am using P3D V5 and PMDG 777 for preparation of my regular check rides. Currently I mirror the CDU via Aviaworx to an IPad. Having a dedicated CDU would be a true enhancement. As for the 777 MCP the enhancement would be even greater as manipulating the respective control elements through mouse gestures or touchscreen is complicated and and not intuitive.



you are right! Our job is to make the operation more realistic. There is no doubt that a physical CDU or other operating panel would greatly enhance the flight operations experience. Based on this, we first consider the needs of users when developing products, and at the same time attach great importance to the authenticity of products. You will notice that all of our products have the same size and layout as the real aircraft. In terms of operating feel, it also strives to be consistent with real aircraft. But it could be a little difficult because the feeling is different from person to person. We will continue to invite pilots to test to optimize this feeling.