PMDG 777 MCP Autothrottle Switch

In case of an engine failure the procedure is to switch off the A/T switch of the failed engine. Because the MCP has only one switch, both in-sim A/T switches are locked to the single physical switch on the MCP.

Is it possible to keep the physical switch engaged and allow a single switch to be in the off position?


  • Moving the physical switch to on or off enable/disable both in-sim switches as usual.
  • Moving both in-sim switches to off triggers the physical switch release.
  • Moving a single in-sim switch is possible and does not disengage the physical switch and therefore the switch of the remaining engine.

I hope something like this is possible.

Based on your points above, in addition, perhaps we can use two unused COURSE knobs to control two sides of the A/T ARM switch. Clockwise rotation multiple points engages A/T, counterclockwise disengages.

FYI, there are some undocumented features for the 737X MCP on 777 aircraft:

  • CWS A β†’ HDG/TRK

  • N1 switch β†’ CLB CON thrust switch

  • SPEED switch β†’ A/T engage switch

  • C/O switch β†’ IAS/MACH reference switch

  • SPD INTV switch β†’ IAS/MACH selector push

  • ALT INTV switch β†’ Altitude selector push

  • CWS A switch β†’ HDG/TRK reference switch

  • CWS B switch β†’ VS/FPA reference switch

  • BANK LIMIT 10->5, 15->10, 20->15, 25->20, 30->25; no AUTO position

  • HDG SEL switch:

    • Press and release within one second, send HDG SEL (HDG/TRK selector push)
    • More than one second, send HDG HOLD (HDG/TRK hold switch)

10 position should be Auto as that is where this switch spends most of its time, 5 degrees is not really needed so that can be replaced with auto.

Hold Alt Intv for 2 seconds to switch between ALT Auto and 1000 would be useful too.

Yes or use the right course knob for switching between ALT auto and 1000.

And maybe use the left course switch for the extra individual A/T disarm function.
Then the physical AT switch will only switch both in-sim switches on or off but stay engaged if only one AT switch is disarmed. Separate controls won’t be used often though, so it would already help if you’re at least able to disengage one AT in the cockpit.