Question about starting bridge software every time

Hello, thank you for any help you can give. I downloaded and installed cockpitsimv2023.1.7.exe as required to use my new 737 CDU in MSFS2020. It works perfectly. It seems though in order to use my CDU, I have to click and install this .exe file each time I start MSFS2020. Is this correct? I was hoping that after I installed it the first time the bridge software would either automatically load when my computer boots-up OR there would be a desktop icon that I could click that would start the sim bridge software and then start MSFS2020. Instead I am finding that I must run the original .exe file downloaded from your website and essentially reinstall the application. Is this correct?

Thank you very much!


Hello Gruesen,

You can simply drag this .exe file to your desktop or create a shortcut. It’s a single .exe file, but that doesn’t mean it will be reinstalled every time you start it, it’s just a launcher.

Best regards,