RJ45 port for six packs?

I see a reference to six packs under the RJ45 port on the EFIS unit and also a photo with what appears to be the caution and master warning annunciators but I don’t see any other reference to the six packs anywhere else on the site. I also checked the we. And didn’t see anything relevant. Is there any other information about that port, the six pack peripherals, or future plans for the port or current uses?

Let me explain to you about the 6 PACK and connection problems you mentioned.
When designing the product at the beginning, we made a complete product plan, with the goal of eventually helping enthusiasts build a complete home cockpit by themselves. As you know, we are also a group of flying enthusiasts, and we can understand what enthusiasts want. So you see a complete diagram of the Glareshield connections on the EFIS page. You can easily imagine that if you want to connect 6 components together, it is impossible to use USB-C separately. So we chose to use the RJ45 port, which is also the port used by professional flight simulator components.
Due to the fact that other components of the Glareshield are still under development, and due to our overall product planning, you will not find their information on the website at present.
We will have other products in the 737 family in the future, as I mentioned earlier, they will allow you to build a complete home cockpit yourself. If building a cockpit, we still recommend using the RJ45 port. But this port is reserved, and the connecting cable will not be standard equipment for a single product.
Thank you very much for your question, I hope you will keep following. I believe that our follow-up products will definitely surprise you.

Thank you for the detailed response. I ordered a CDU yesterday and am looking forward to integrated your products into my setup. Also very impressed with your service and support. It’s a great way to start things off considering the cost investment for your products.

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