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I’m thinking about getting the MCP+EFI+stand. I am considering my order options and I’d like to support you and your outstanding work directly. If I order from Europe (Germany) would you be able to ship the items in a reasonable time? And will you cover any duties and taxes? I read something about freight forwarding services in another post so maybe that is taken care of !? Or would you advise me to just go through Aerosoft? (Though I really would like to support you directly).

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I ordered from them directly and it took about 9 days to arrive, there was no duty or taxes to pay. I’m in the UK. I ordered the MCP and EFIS they were two packages and they were very safely packed.

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For European users, we currently ship directly from our factory in China. We individually wrap and ship each product you order. This allows you to receive your product faster. Depending on different regions in Europe, you may receive the package in about 7-10 days. This is much faster and cheaper than the previous one big package. At the same time we promise that our prices include all costs, including possible customs duties. Due to the different customs laws of different countries, most of the products you buy do not need to bear the customs duties personally. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be any tariffs. Don’t worry. Once your customs ask you to pay the tax, you pay the tax. You can provide me with your tax payment certificate, and we will compensate you accordingly.

Thank you for you reply. That is great news and makes it easier to support you directly. Do you still offer the 200 $ coupon on the stand when I decide to get the whole package (2x EFIS, MCP stand)?

Please contact [email protected]

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Thank you, e-mail sent.

Please note: My e-mail to [email protected] bounced back (non-exiting account), I directed my message towards [email protected] which went through.

Got my EFIS and MCP 9 days after placing the order and I am pleased with the quality. Waiting for the stand that probably took a different freight route because of weight and bulkiness.

Indeed, sir. Due to the size and weight of the STAND, I had to ship it separately from the rest of the product. This is the best shipping method I could find. Because if I have to ship all the products together, air freight like DHL can’t carry it. But if you separate the different packages, air freight can be carried. I don’t understand why the shipper would do this, but we can only ship on this shipping term. Luckily we found a way to ship quickly anyway.