Software update and some issue

PMDG 737 for MS2020. The CDU is doing some weird things. Key commands do not line up with what they supped to do. When I click FUEL in FS Actions it opens doors page, when I LCK DEP/ARR it opens COLORs page. Everything is out of order.
I cannot update software
as well. The bridge window shows NO DFU DEVICE DETECTED. I followed the link how to enter DFU mode but those steps are useless.
Also, when I click CLR button i see some random numbers at the bottom of the screen. Unable to clear anything in the scratch pad.
Need help please.

Have you tested the CDU using the device test function in BRIDGE? How is the result?

I am getting confused with all these software. I installed a bridge from Aerosoft website, it says Bridge v2023.1.3… Selecting TEST page from that Bridge does nothing. I also see in STATIS page “New Firmware Available” message. I also downloaded another software looks like a Bridge, it says v0.10.6 . That one shows I have Device firmware v3.0.1. So no update needed. In this v0.10.6 I can do CDU test. When I click buttons I see green lights shows on the screen of the tool (v0.10.6). But when I click, for example, F button, I see 5 more other buttons lit up in green in that tool screen.
If I select MSFS in LCK 5R on the CDU I see the message stating No Simulator Installed. Very strange.

Also, when I push any buttons on CDU I see bunch of random numbers and letters in the scratchpad. What are those?

I think your CDU is faulty, I suggest you contact your after-sales service.