Two Bridge Issues: Auto Config and Could Not Start

Hello, I am experiencing two issues with CockpitSimulator Bridge, neither of which I had with the original version I received a year ago.

  1. After rebooting the computer, I receive an Auto Configurator message stating “PMDG config file was modified. In order to make the device work properly, restart simulator.”
    Why am I receiving this message? Why isn’t the PMDG config file saved? If this is normal, so be it.

  2. After running the Bridge software, closing, and restarting, I receive the message “CockpitSimulator Bridge could not start because the library files extraction failed.” After rebooting the computer, the Bridge software loads normally (with the message in issue 1).
    What causes the issue that is fixed with rebooting?

Both issues occur with versions 2023.1.3 and 2024.1.0.

I’m enjoying the CDU, EFIS, and MCP. They greatly enhance the MSFS experience.

First, use the v2024.1.0 version of the Bridge software.

For question #1, the Auto Configurator will reports which config file has been modified; try making a copy of that file before and after starting the Bridge software, and compare those versions, to see which part has changed.

For question #2, the Bridge software has an error code in the prompt of this message, “because library files extraction failed (code)”, and what is this code?

You can send two config files and the screenshot of the prompt message to our customer service email: [email protected].