We look forward to your comments on our "Common Modules"

During the design phase of the CS 320N FCU Desktop Stand, we added a new mounting plate to fit our newly planned “Common Modules”.
Despite the name “common”, they are not the 1:1 replica of the aircraft panels, but are all designed for convenience and similar feel.
The images below are our currently designed and rendered common modules, and your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

APU and engine starter (Boeing style)

Bus switching / Bleed air (Boeing style)

Exterior lighting (Boeing style)

Parking brake / Auto brake / Gear handle / Flaps control (Boeing style)

Radio tuning and Transponder control (Boeing style)

CS 320N FCU with 3x Airbus style common modules (exterior lighting, landing gear, radio tuning) installed

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Very, very cool! I hope you manage to produce the additional devices as soon as possible! Instead of the landing gear device I would suggest producing a seperate transponder module with the possibility to adjust the sqawk-code.
Most simmers probably use the Thrustmaster Airbus throttle and joystick with the Fenix. Since there is a gear lever on the throttle quadrant, there probably won´t be a great demand for the landing gear unit as displayed on the picture.

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Keep them coming I will buy them lol, especially the Airbus items at the moment, I can’t wait for the MCDU also, all of these items are very tempting for me. Anything that is used for than 5 times a flight would be a priority I would imagine, anything to reduce the reliance on using the mouse or moving your point of view is very welcome.

I fully agree with ingo. Really cool ideas for the Airbus :grinning:! I would also skip the elements which are already available on the Thrustmaster Airbus quadrant and use the space for other useful stuff. Maybe with a focus on those elements where a visual feedback/display is required.
Depending on the space which is available in the bottom of the desktop stand, I would also find it a good idea to provide an adapter frame which enables us to insert an Elgato Stream Deck MK2 (the version with 15 buttons) into the slot for the “Common Modules”. There are software solutions available to have some of the MSFS functions on the Stream Deck, and it would give some flexibility with regards to the user’s needs.
Another option for this adapter frame (which hopefully should not be too complex) might be to provide the STL data for it, so that we could use a local 3D printing service.

Thank you for development update. It´s a really really nice pieces of hardware for boeing. I would like to build boeing cockpit with these modules, starting with CDU and EFIS.
What kind of automatization will modules have? Parking brake switch will be automatically go to REL? Will start switches automatically go from GRD to OFF during start up? How we will manage separate control of packs if there is switches only for one (both at same time)? And same question with GENs ?
Thank you

These are wonderful ideas and I love these addons.

One thing that I would like to point out is that:
The target audience who will buy these modules will likely be the more “hardcore” simmers.
And for us hard-core simmers, we already have a dedicated throttle quadrant which includes flaps, speed brakes and landing gear knobs.
So what I suggest is that you remove the landing gear knobs and flap switches from your module.
What is actually needed are landing gear indicator lights, speed-brake arm switch and auto-brake switch.

For the Boeing-style one, you could remove the landing gear knob and replace it with landing gear indicator lights. Keep the flap position indicator but remove the flap control and replace it with a speed brake arm switch.

For the Airbus-style one, remove the landing gear handle and shrink the landing gear indicator lights to one row. Then use the other row to add the auto brake switches.

And it’ll be better to design them with the mind of compatibility for other models. For example, the auto brakes and lighting switches are different between different types of Airbus and Boeing. It’ll be nice to make them compatible with all the models so they’ll be useful to all models instead of only one specific model.


Thank you very much for your post. We will consider your suggestions and opinions in future product designs.