Where to buy your products?


I have boeing 777X CDU in my cart, but I was noticed about other cockpit simulator website:

Same things as here at shop. Where should I buy it please?

Are these modules still in development or not?

Thank you for reply :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much for choosing our company’s product. Cockpit Simulator and Cockpit Master are not the same company. Cockpit Simulator (CS) is a company headquartered in China that develops and produces various flight simulation equipment. Cockpit Master was one of our agents of CS.

These modules are under development, but there is currently no specific timeline for their launch.

Thank you for your reply.

I have another question about place to buy. Is there any difference between buying on these two sites? Price is the same. Future products will be on this site too?

Thank you


Due to adjustments in our company’s business structure and sales methods, we have terminated our partnership with Cockpit Master. At present, our new product has not appeared on Cockpit Master’s website.

Understood. Thank you for honest answer, I apreciate that.
Looking forward to your next hardware releases, hope it will be soon :).

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We launch several new products every year and also support more add-on aircrafts. For example, our A320 series products are now able to support Fenix.

Thank you very much for your concern and support!

I can vouch for buying stuff directly from the CS website. I bought a complete set for the 737 last year and it was a very good experience.

Thank you very much for choosing our company’s product.

Tommorow should arrive my package of CDU and EFIS :). I bought that on aerosoft website - it´s easier for me, because it was shipped from country next to ours, so shipping, fees and stuff is much easier :). Thank you

Aerosoft is our agent and partner, especially in the A320 series products, we have a Co-brand cooperation model. You can decide whether to purchase our products on our official website or Aerosoft based on your actual situation. We and Aerosoft both will provide you with high-quality and satisfactory service.

No doubt about it guys :). I am looking forward to my new hardware. Thank you for your awsome stuff, keep it going :).
Hope there will be next boeing panels in stock soon :slight_smile: