Product research: what products do you want to get in the future

Hi guys,
Our products currently include Boeing B737 CDU\MCP\EFIS. We are working on the next product. Customer needs are very important to us, so we would love to know what hardware you would prefer.
This is an open survey, you can reply directly to tell us what you want for your next hardware. For example A320 MCDU\ B747 CDU\ A320 FCU etc.

a 737 pedestal would be nice. but i need a prosim737 integration, and please make the 737 CDU backlight are work with the light source from the plane.


I would continue with building out the entire 737NG cockpit. Components such as the overhead panel, throttle quadrant, radio frequency stack etc etc.Those items are what’s missing right now in the community.

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The overhead panel will be a large component. We also discussed the development of the overhead panel. Relatively speaking, components like throttle and radio panels are relatively easier to produce.

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Ok. So what components are you guys currently working on?

Our A320 family of products has already started testing and is expected to release shortly.

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Interesting. Looking forward to seeing some preview

I would love to see a yoke and throttle set. The quality of the products are so good that I would love for those to be made. Even PFD screens etc

The throttle set is a very good idea. I would really like a throttle set as an enthusiast. That’s because you can’t find a reasonably priced and practical throttle set on the market. So I personally tend to put the throttle set in the development plan. Of course, we will continue to listen to the needs of users.


I also think that a Throttle is a good idea. Thrustmaster makes a reasonable Yoke but the Boeing Throttle is totally crap.

The A320 stuff sounds interesting. I think the main problem is that the best add on, the Fenix A320, does not play well with external cockpit hardware. There is some licensing stuff going on that makes them hold back variables.

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Mac support for the bridge software, then I would immediately buy all 737 panel products.

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Your suggestion is worth considering.

I am on XP12 / Zibo Mod and what I would call a heavy simmer. I would even be willing to act as a tester for the porting of the software to Mac.

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I think a good idea is to create general aviation avionics such as a Garmin G1000 and Garmin G5.

Currently I own the MCP and would love to switch from the Collins MCP to a Honeywell MCP if you ever sell one.

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Garmin may be a product that everyone will like. But this may be another product plan besides our airliner products.

A320 MCUD PPPPPlease !!

AND A320 FCU as well

There is plenty 737 products in the market but lacking of airbus desktop products for home simmers

I would love to see a 777 MCP panel and stand , just like what is being offered on the 737.
just ordered the 777 cdu.
cant wait to play with it.

Bring on the 777 MCP…PLEASE

FCU is already testing.

We need a little time.